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Hello all,

I'm using lucid as template.  I want to change the cover height in general how do I do that?  I was able to do it for profile, but I don't want to change it individually, I need to do it so it can be applied to all modules.  I've been looking all discussion, seen a few suggestion, but since I'm new to Una, not sure how to do it.  Any help will be appreciated.

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    • Hello caribman2020 !

      Go to Studio->Lucid->Styles area, create your own Mix then publish it and then edit the parameters in the Cover section there.

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      • Hi,

        I have done that,  change height to 20rem just to see if something would change but nothing happened.  I did clear the cache, still the same.

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        • Hey LeonidS,

          Did the change and it's working with the cover.  On top of clearing the cache, I had to clear all browsers's cache also in order to see the change.  Thanks again !

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