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Hello, when I add an ad on the site, I receive this error, any ideas to solve it?



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    • Β Hello hans !

      UNA send the detailed info about MySQL error to the bug report email which was setup during the installation. You need to check it and find the messages with the "MySQL error" subject. Or like I requested in other thread - provide me your CPanel access.

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      • Check your messenger sir,I've sent the details

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        • Hello Abbey Β  , do you have an idea on how to solve this?

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          • No I don't

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            • UPDATE: The Ads in the hansΒ  site had the following MySQL error:

              Unknown column 'bx_ads_reviews.cmt_pinned' in 'order clause'

              This error is typical when the core of UNA has been updated and modules inside - not. As the upgrade attempt of Ads has met the error about too many modified files (8%) I applied the solution form this manual , raised the available percent, completed the upgrade of Ads and the error has gone away.

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              • I can really confirm that the UNA team are better in their field, thank you very much LeonidSΒ 

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