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Hi there,

I have installed different languages and it works fin for titles and stuff, but how do I enter different language text in a 'Content box'?

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    • hello, send a screen of what you would like to change

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      • an option to transate the 'Content' text

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        • Hello kurell !

          Via this way you can't locate the entered text, You need to add a new block, in the Skeletons tab choose the "lang" type and save it. Then edit this new block and in the top-right corner of the Content field you will see the language switcher. Fill the content for all installed languages and save it.

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          • I've tried that, but then I don't get the formating as needed. Anyway to have HTML blocks as languages?

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            • I use language Blocks. Why?

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              • You may fill the content of the language block with the HTML tags.

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                • Excellent. That works πŸ™

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