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I'd like to show a users city, state, and country on a profile, without showing their complete street address. Publishing the complete street address seems like a really bad idea for privacy reasons, yet I'd like to include some of that information to allow users to find nearby people. 

So the question is... is there a way to show he city, state, country.... without revealing the entire address on profiles. Right now, it seems it's all or nothing.

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    • It automatically shows a users location (assuming they added their location) at the bottom right of their profile, along with a map of their location. If they only add their city, state and country like I did it shows up like this.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=5057&dpx=1&t=1620079436

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      • Hello Wesley Upchurch !

        This is the common problem for the similar services

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        • Hi Jack, Maybe you didn't understand his question. He just doesn't want to output the full address on the profile page, just the city, state and country. I have the same concern.

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          • I've configured only the city, state, and country to show on profiles by creating a custom field in the Person sign up form. We then connected Algolia search to display the information that information on profiles. For Organization and Business profiles, we have left the full address.

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