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I want to edit the Recent or Latest news layout? My own layout.  I want to edit all Latest layout like: Font size , Icon (image) size, ect for Articles, Post, Photos, Videos etc.  Anyone know where the layout to edit?  Someone can help me to edit this please. You can see the sample in pic I uploaded.  Thank you.

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    • I want to edit the font size and the Logo image at lease someone tell me where that info uploaded?

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      • Hello Senthur !

        It's better to ask the vendors directly. But you may investigate it by yourself with the Developer tool of your browser. How to use it: open the target page via Chrome browser, press the F12 button and in the appeared panel you will see every element there, see the attached screenshot. Then edit the styles of those elements via the Studio->[Your template name]->Styles->Custom Styles area.

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        • It's not only vendors, It's a common for all vendors.  I want to edit all my apps. Like: Photos, videos, post, Albums, groups ect.  Because in Latest or Recent blocks fonts & Photos are to big sizes.  I want to make them are smaller.  Also, I am using "Ocean" template.  Ocean template don't have style area.  Or, I couldn't find styles area for the Ocean.   Can you please let me know where is the styles sheet for Ocean?  And, it's I want to edit for all apps Recent blocks for fonts & sizes of photos.   It's there no styles sheet for change in one place so all apps can change same time?  

          The link below explain what I try to do.  I want to do like this to UNA.  This link from Boonex.

          Please click this to see. 

          Thank you


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