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In Polyglot > Keys I searched _sys_txt_splash_Β and found 16 keys. The text in each may be edited individually. The Homepage text, "Unity is strength... etc." was not found. How to locate this text?

How to switch off all text display Β over cover image site wide?

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    • _sys_txt_homepage_coverΒ 

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      • Thank you, Pavel! Much relieved to have this fixed.

        Any clue how to turn off all text on cover image? I want the clean look across the site.

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        • I gladly helped

          I don't know what you mean.. give me a photo and describe me a bit how you would like English is not very goodΒ 

          I'll try to help youπŸ˜‰Β 

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          • I appreciate it very much. I mean, I want no text to show on any cover image on any page. No text on cover image as the site wide setting.

            I know I can delete each text manually one key at a time from Polyglot. I want a short cut method, if possible. I am able to execute an SQL command if that is necessary.

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            • I already understand you, Unfortunately I don't know another way, but it can be turned off..I don't use page cover .. try to write to Mr. LeonidS Β it will help you better than me .. Sorry dude

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              • Thank you, Pavel. Your profile picture is heart warming. :) You have yourself a very good evening with your family!

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