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Is there a way to purchase levels via OFFLINE/bank transfer only? or purchase credits via OFFLINE bank transfer only if yes how to do that please... and have an automatic message Β or email with an attached invoice sent to the buyer with the payment details once ordered and he/she can upload a payment receipt for verification once being paid. BTW would be nice to attach currencies to the offline/bundle etc...And believe me half of the world don't use or have paypal or credit cards etc...So!...


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    • Hello Khaled Elkebich !

      For this case, we have the Offline Payment provider (see the attached screenshot). If the seller activates it then during the payment step the UNA will inform him about the request to pay with cash. Other part depends form the seller and customer agreement.

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      • Thanks LeonidS I tried that but unfortunately when a user check out it says " checkout with paypal"! what I missing?

        and please how to add a currency I tried to delete one and add a new but the icon stayed the same it seems there are only 6 currenciesΒ 


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        • The first issue probably is connected with the enabling in the wrong account / profile. It needs to re-check.

          The second question was described here

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          • BTW - this link would be useful too

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