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I am having some difficulty with categories for Discussions.

on in discussion view categories we show 10 categories:


I have 62 Categories in Forms > Data Items > Discussions > Forum Categories per this image:


In Studio > Launcher >Discussions > Categories we show count of 10.


Question is how do I enable all the categories to show when we are posting a new discussion. Not sure if this is a common issue of just particular to my site but any ideas are welcome.

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    • Hello Molosser Dogs !

      In the left block for your example, UNA shows only those categories, which have the content within. I suggest that it is a good way to show only "active" categories in the list.

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      • ok. Thank you.

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        • Thank you. Β However, the is beyond that - when I go to create a discussion only the same 10 categories show up out of 62. Β Also if I edit a discussion and try to change the category only the same 10 are available. Some are sub cats so that could be the problem. Β 

          Is there a plan for Discussions to have Sub-Categories.

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          • Please specify via what way did you create the additional categories? All cats which I created via Studio->Forms->Data list are available for the new discussion.

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            • These were migrated from Boonex Dolphin when I switched to UNA. I still have the same issue.

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