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Hello, Someone help me how to find where is the PHP-FPM pool-settings in C Panel? 

I would like to change PHP-FPM pool-settings for


Max Children: 5 Process Idle Timeout: 15 Max Requests: 20

I couldn't find in my C Panel.  Should me under

"MultiPHP Manager"

But I couldn't find,  anyone know How to find where is located? 

Thank you


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    • Did you check in the regular php.ini file(s) ?

      As well, there is a tool in either WHM or CPanel to modify the php.ini file. See if it's in there. Perhaps also check the Apache conf and see if it's in there.

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      • regular php don't have it. Also I check in WHM too it's not there.  Look likes my hosting company block the pool setting.  I show in CPanel help website. It's should be in MultiPHP Manager but it's not there either.  SO, I need a help to fine that. Thank for the reply by the way. If, anyone else know please help me thanks again.

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        • If you don't have a file manager in WHM add one to help; or you will need to shell in and do it using vim or nano.  Look under /etc.  Remember to restart php-fpm after making changes to the pool.

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          • If you have multiple versions of php installed on your machine, there will be a php-fpm service for each; you would look under the directory for that php version to find the pool directory.  The default install for php will place the pools under /etc/php-fpm.d for CentoOS.

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            • Yeah, I have multiple version.  But I can't see the option.  See the pic.  this the way my php setup.


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              • maybe, my hosting company hide the to see the PHP-FPM pool-settings?  Do they can hide?

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                • Can you explain; How to do this?

                  To determine if any of your apps are hitting the max_children    limit, SSH in to your server as root and run the following    command:

                  sudo grep max_children /var/log/php?.?-fpm-sp.log.1 /var/log/php?.?-fpm-sp.log

                  How to do this.

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                  • Hi Senthur !

                    As we discussed in the Messenger, you'd better ask your hosting support as this parameter is out of the usual settings from Cpanel.

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                    • UNA recommended TMDHosting,   My website hosted on TMDHosting,  Always some problem with hosting.  TMD setup max_children limit 5, that not enough for my site.   My site always get down.  Last week my website down for more than half day.   Now, tmd setup for Max children for 20.   Now, look like they change to 5 again.  The reason why I am saying this because they don't telling the true.   

                      I want to do this setup to find out how my website running. below


                      Identifying the max_children Limit Being Reached

                      To determine if any of your apps are hitting the max_children    limit, SSH in to your server as root and run the following    command:

                      sudo grep max_children /var/log/php?.?-fpm-sp.log.1 /var/log/php?.?-fpm-sp.log

                      If any of your apps have reached their max_children limit, you'll    see output like this:

                      [24-Apr-2017 19:56:17] WARNING: [pool my-wordpress-app] server reached max_children setting (20), consider raising it


                      It's look like TMD block the PHP-FPM max_children Setting.  It's not in the Cpanel.  

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                      • This is TMD told me below,  I cannot take risk, always something happening to my website. Then, they will blaming  me.  

                        "Currently, you do not have root access to the server.

                        In case you wish, we will gladly provide you with root access credentials.

                        Before that, we should inform you that none of our team would take any responsibilities if you execute any commands or perform any actions on your server which would cause any issues. In case that you agree with that, please update us with a confirmation, so we could update you with the desired password. "

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                        • No, you need to shell into your server and do this at the command line.  Go to the directory of the php you need to change; you will probably find a php-fpm directory or php-fpm.d directory.  Once you find the correct location, you simply edit the pool file; like www.conf, or it may be a random string of numbers.  Just open it with vi editor or nano, make the edits, save the file, then restart the php-fpm service.

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                          • Contact Geek Girl at the email I sent you; she can perform the needed changes at reasonable rates.

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