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Howdy people. is a collection of . The default order that those items are displayed in is "New   Top   Top Level   Search"

This means the most recent hashtags will be displayed. What I'd like to do is show the Top items first. Is there a way to change this so that Channels shows Top by default? This way I can find out which hashtags aren't worth keeping.

I'm hoping I can make it:  "Top   New   Top Level   Search"

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    • Hello, Witches.Chat! 



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      • Thank you! I found the location. I changed the order to Top  New  Top Level  Search

        However, the default is still New instead of Top

        This might be a cache issue, or it might be an sql thing. I'm not sure. Ideas?


        By that I mean, the order of the items has changed, which is perfect, but the actual default operation is to list by New instead of Top. But we want Top to be the default action. Thanks dudes ;)

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        • Hello Witches.Chat !

          The problem that the "channels-home" URL was selected for the New Channels area. You may swap the block in the Pages builder between the New and Top pages.

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