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I can't find (I forgot) where can be changed/set the file types that users is allowed to upload.

I'd like to add .webp image file type.

Please advice.

Thank you

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    • .webp files are not supported.Β 

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      • These photo file types are supported. You will need to convert .webp files to .jpg or .jpegΒ 

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        • Thank you Jake Arsenault
          I know I have to convert it to .jpg, or .png .... Β but I was asking if there is a way to allow/deny certain file types from within Studio....

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          • I don’t believe that’s possible.Β 

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            • If nothing else, it would be great regarding file size:


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              • Hello Mayki !

                Please specify in what uploader do you want to add the .webp ? Usually, it depends from the storage integration and yes, it can't be edited in the Studio.

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