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I found it impossible to update my UNA and tried to fix it together with specialists from April this year. It ended up with Error "BxDolModule". 

I found that the problem was a conflict with Boonex scripts, not neccessarily a bug. Could have been the swarm of hackers that has infiltrated servers over the past months.

I found a link between BxDolProfile and (BD)Act. I tried to manually replace the content in each document. Last thing I wanted to try was to disconnect the timeline script

(because I found through the forum that this could be the cause). But to my surprise the timeline module was missing completely.

After some search for the "timeline" in the files on my server, I found that several folders had been rearranged and placed where they shouldn't be?

Yes, and I found that the English language-update somehow executed a browser-freeze? I couldn't find anything in the script/file that was malicious, so it all makes absolutely no sense!

So this whole episode has been pretty weird, I deleted the entire website and reinstalled. I will try again and hope it'll work this time!

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