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I'm trying to add a product (subscription) with a monthly recurring payment and I'm getting the error message below.
Any feedback to help me solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

SELECT `bx_market_cmts`.*, `sys_cmts_ids`.`id` AS `cmt_unique_id` FROM `bx_market_cmts` LEFT JOIN `sys_cmts_ids` ON (`bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_id` = `sys_cmts_ids`.`cmt_id` AND `sys_cmts_ids`.`system_id` = :system_id) WHERE `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_object_id` = :cmt_object_id AND `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_vparent_id` = :cmt_vparent_id ORDER BY `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_pinned` DESC, `bx_market_cmts`.`cmt_time` ASC LIMIT 0, 0

Mysql error:
Unknown column 'bx_market_cmts.cmt_pinned' in 'order clause'

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    • Apparently there is a column missing in database. That is the thing that needs to be fixed.

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      • Hello caldopollo !

        This trouble means that the Market module hasn't been updated to the right version to work properly with the core and other apps.

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