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Organization Post, Event, Files View pages should have a Block to display "LIST of Posts, Events and Files" by the same Author Or "Author's Posts" (Showcase View). 

When one is accessing the site through the the public door without any particular Organization in mind,  all contents are given same exposure as it is. Thats is Great.

However, when you choose to go for a particular Organization profile, you enter through the Org home, thats also GREAT as all features has exposure. When you now zero-in on either, File, Posts, Events Homes, you see all "Posts" depending on your studio settings. Clicking takes you to full content and here you no longer have the privilege of seeing the Authors publications except, public Featured, Top Posts, Favorites and so on. One this is missing here.

Where the Author is a writer and has many publications, a Block for "Post Title List" Or "Author's Posts" (Showcase View) will be great and this should be served on the "Post Full View Page". This will prevent navigating back to "Post Home". Profile owners should be giving the maximum privileges for exposure in there own space. As it is, all available block offered in "Add Block" takes the visitor off the desired page except he choses to hit the back button in order to access more posts.

While seeing the full content of a particular post, visitors should have the convenience of seeing other publication (of same origin) in a List Form Or "Author's Posts" (Showcase View). As it is now, while on the viewing page, you can only access another publication from the same Authur by going to the Home Pages for (File, Post or Events).

While trying to figure out if the Add Content option, I also got this ommission as attached.

My view.

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  • Hello Dediary!

    As I've got you right - you want to see more "Info" blocks like UNA has in the pages like this one and doesn't have here ?

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    • Hi Leo, I checked those ref, they are not what I am trying to describe and I know how to achieve that. 

      I did a graphical piece on the stuff and attached for you. The "Green Colored Block" is what it looks like and the "Add Block" feature also attached doesn't have anything to get this done yet. This should be added to the available features in Add Block

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      • There is already Author block with link to all posts by the author.

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        • Well am aware of this option, to see another Authors content 2-clicks away will only be appealing when there are NO widgets showing attractive Featured Posts, Popular Posts etc. I suggested that to prevent bleeding, i.e losing visitors to others pages unnecessarily.  Thanks anyways

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