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REQUIREMENTS IF YOUR NOT IN UNA CLOUD : Β Must have UNA compliance hosting provider TMDΒ TURNKEY and must present your goals and objectives for your site.

This package will help you start with your ever first UNA website :


- Modules proper installation Installation (3 days max)

- Templates Proper Installation (3 days max)

- 1 Una fresh Install

- Professional tutorial including the arrangement of the site (3) days max.

Easy to work with and have Skype support @ "expertzkris" or Contact me here in Una Messenger for more info.



*Inner code customization and Mobile apps not included.

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    • Need the mobile apps done now

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      • Hi J good to see you back my friend sure pls get Β the service here : Β or pm me my friend.

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        • Thanks kaibigan. Β Was hit by storm rather typhoon. Been without electricity and water since August 29. Still without. They estimate 3 more weeks. Will order soon bro. ThanksΒ 

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          • no worries stay safe :)

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