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We have a problem.

We need to send an email (ideally via mass mailer) to all our members - also to those who have chosen not to receive new letters.

Does any of you great people have a nice solution to this?

All the best


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    • Hello Finn from EducatedSingles !

      Well, it's possible only if make all users refused to get newsletters as agreed to get those letters :-)

      It's possible to do with the following MySQL queries (backup the `sys_accounts` table first):

      UPDATE `sys_accounts` SET `changed` = 1 WHERE `receive_updates`=0;

      UPDATE `sys_accounts` SET `receive_updates`=1 WHERE `changed` = 1;

      Then make mass mailer performance.

      Then it will need to back the "opportunists":

      UPDATE `sys_accounts` SET `receive_updates`=0 WHERE `changed` = 1;

      UPDATE `sys_accounts` SET `changed` = `added`+3600 WHERE `receive_updates`=0;

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      • Dear LeonidS 

        Thank you very much!

        All the best


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