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New version Messenger 12.0.2 has been released.

It contains improvements for design, bug fixes, new membership level action.

Let us know if any problems!Β 

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    • Thanks Alexey!

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      • Thanks Alexey , it's looking great and functioning like a mature chat application, great work and very well done.

        Please can I request for 3 additional features for messenger:Β 

        1. Unread Message Count for Each Chat.
        2. On Mobile "Swipe Left" to access basic chat options.
          • Show when a chat has been muted with an icon next to name.
        3. Ability to name "Groups"Β 


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        • Hello!

          1. This function exists by default.
          2. Yes, we have this ability in future versions, it will be added with new design.
          3. We will have groups in new version with new design.

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          • Thank you AlexeyΒ that is awesome news.

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