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Hello UNA Team,

I have watched the UNA Webinar - Licensing. It's a nice one!Β 

I think I've heard Andrew saying somewhere that one license can also be used with a different domain or something like that (Maybe I misunderstood him). But now I am a bit confused.

With Keys & Secrets, one can add as many keys (sites) as he/she wants. Does the same apply with the Pro license?

I can see that a license is registered to 1 domain. What about if someone has two keys (two domains) e.g: and, can 1 Pro License be used with both sites ssimultaneously? Can PowerApps of both sites be updated simultaneously? If so, why on Licenses page, only on domain is being shown? Are 2 Pro Licenses required to run 2 UNA sites with PowerApps?


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    • A separate pro license would be required for each site.

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      • Thanks a lot for your replay Tim BurleighΒ  although I would have appreciated an official answer from the UNA Team aswell Andrey Yasko Alex T⚜️ LeonidS . Now what about the dev/test site? As admins, many of us run a live and test site (sub-domain). We do all the modifications and testings on the test site before porting them to the live/production site. Will we need an additional Pro License aswell just for the Dev/Test site in order to test modifications with PowerApps?

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        • As far as I know you will need an additional license for each site, even if it is a sub domain of the main site for testing. Is this right? LeonidS Alex T⚜️

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          • Hi all!

            Yes, Tim BurleighΒ is right (thnx!) - the license works only for one domain. But for the test purpose you may install the dev site under subfolder on the same domain.

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            • Thank you for your reply LeonidS. Ohhh okay, I got it now! That's a smart solution. Thanks. We are going to move our dev site from a subdomain to a subfolder on the same domain as subdomains are treated as separate domains when it comes to getting a license.

              Now have you seen why official notes/replies from a UNA Representative (the UNA Team), especially regarding to licenses, payments, etc are so important? Things look clear now and you have helped us even more. Thanks ☺ 

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