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While working on the server I have just discovered that the /periodic/ folder alone is using 173617.07 MB of disk space. That's a lot!

I have checked, it contains a lot of autogenerated files like:

core.15390 (589.2 MB)

core.15436 (589.2 MB)

core.15476 (589.2 MB)

It has 299 'core' files. Now imagine 299 files by 589.2 MB, you get the total.

How come periodic tasks (cron jobs) cause a high disk space and inode usage? By the way I am working on a fresh UNA installation (no member, no photo, no video).

How to reduce or prevent those core dump files from using a lot of disk space?


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    • These files aren't related to UNA, It looks like these files are generated when cron process ends unexpectedly. So you need to check your cron and find out why it's generating runtime error. 

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      • Thanks Alex. That's really weird as it's a fresh UNA installation with no member, no photo, no video at all. I have this issue of high disk space usage on two fresh UNA installations that I am using as a dev/test site. Can I safely delete those core.* files in the /periodic/ folder  and monitor the server to see whether they will come back?

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        • You may download the one from there and delete it, then check how the site will work. If it's OK -

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          • LoL LeonidS The image was funny. Yep I gonna download them and kill'em All 😂 

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            • I've also found these interesting articles/posts on Core Dump files that I would like to share to help others who might run into the same problem:



              I have checked the date those Core dumps were created and I remember working on the server that day. Few stuff went wrong then crashed the server. But I managed to fix it and get it back running again. I suspect that that was what crashed my UNA installations creating those Core dump files in the /periodic/ folder. After getting the server back, no more core.xxxx files were generated (I have checked the date). It wasn't a UNA-related problem but instead a server issue.

              So, I have just deleted those core files (I have killed'em all 😊) to free disk space on the server. I think there is no need to download them. They are big, they will take time to downalod and I will not need them. Thanks for helping.

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