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Where can I change the language name in the Language Switcher (pop-up) in the footer navigation (bottom of all pages)?

I would like to change the word 'English' to 'English (GB)' because I will create another language app that will be called 'English (US)'

I went to Studio > English App > Settings and edit the name 'English' in the 'Name In Language Switcher' field. I put 'English (GB)' and saved but unfortunately my change doesn't show up in the front-end. 

Please, any help?

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    • Please can someone help?

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      • Hello OneEagle !

        Thnx for your singal. The ticket has been created

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        • Hi LeonidS Thanks for creating the ticket. I will manually apply the fix provided there before the UNA 13 release. Thx.

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