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My pro plan is still current but I have lost features on site in firefox. (Works in Brave Browser) Any one else having this problem? No top navigation menu, and no dashboard content, no search link to name a few. What's up? If I shrink the browser screen to min I get hamburger menu.

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    • 3 things you can try

      1. Clear cache and cookies of firefox web browser
      2. Update to the new version of firefox
      3. Change the template from the footer of UNA.IO to Lucid 2020
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      • Found the problem in Firefox if you set the zoom and check the box text only it will not show top navigation menu no matter what percent is set. When you resize the brower window small enough the hamburger menu show up.

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        • Hello @James Prince !

          So on what scale do you have its appearance? What about other browsers?

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          • Use Firefox and Brave browsers. Problem was in Firefox browser when the text box in zoom setting was checked. Seem not to matter at what percentage

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