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Hi, Guys.

Some stange and disappointing  thing was discovered on my site and reproduced here on

1. User vavilon created closed group UI/UX here on UNA and became Group's Admin - pic 1

2. User vavilon created Test Album in closed group UI/UX 

3. user vavilon can see album correctly - pic 2 and pic 3

4. user class is not a member of Closed Group UI/UX an trying to see it, can't see and it's ok - pic 4

5. user class send join request.

6. user vavilon approved this request, user class became member of the group  - pic 5

7. user class can see now the album on UI/UX Group's Albums Page - pic 6

Till now everything is OK

The Problem Is:

8.  user class CAN NOT see the pictures on album's page: can see every block except the album pictures block (attachments?)  - pic 7 (compare to pic 3)

Thanx in advance

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      • If you need a group module specialist, call vavilon :-)

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        • Hello vavilon!

          Sorry, but I couldn't reproduce it from my side. Possible it better to check on new RC10 again. As I asked you from another thread - please send me your actual admin access for checking.

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