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my website is not getting update from Version: 9.0.0-RC9 . when i click on update in dashboard it saying "Site will be upgraded within a minute " but nothing happening.

i am using cloud hosting service from

also in server audit i am getting some fail in mysql part. below is the output.

Site optimization


  • key_buffer_size = 1073741824 - OK
  • query_cache_limit = 1048576 - OK
  • query_cache_size = 0 - FAIL (must be >= 16777216)
  • query_cache_type = OFF - FAIL (must be strcasecmp on)
  • max_heap_table_size = 16777216 - OK
  • tmp_table_size = 16777216 - OK
  • thread_cache_size = 0 - FAIL (must be > 0)

can anyone please help me on this ..


travis k

  • Hello Travis!

    May you check please in the Server audit, what info is shown near the "Cron jobs - " and "Last cron jobs execution"?

    • hi leonidS,

      Below is  the output i am getting in server audit for cron jobs.

      • Cron jobs -

        if you are unsure if output is correct then manual server audit may be required
      • Last cron jobs execution - 5 Sep 2018 5:39:01 pm

      • Cron Jobs for your UNA haven't been executed from 2018/09/05 (according to this info). So you need to correct / setup it again in the Control Panel of your server. Cron command should have a view like 

        * * * * * __path to php__ -q __server_path_to_UNA__periodic/cron.php

        • Hi leonidS,  thanks a lot for help ..cron job was not set .. 

          • Hi LeonidS, I am very new to UNA and will be using it for our psychology research project. So could you please explain how I can exactly change the command? I do not have any experience in this and so am having difficulties. Thank you in advance.

            p.s. there are two files (.htaccess and cron.php) when I try to edit cron.php, a notepad file pops up and I am not sure where to paste my command which is below if it is true.  

            * * * * * /replace/it/with/path/to/php/binary -q /var/www/vhosts/

            • You need to setup cron on your server no in UNA files, some hosting control panels offer interface for it (like cPanel), if you don't know how to set it up, please contact your hosting support

              • thanks, this issue is resolved with cron job setup. 

                • Thank you very much Alex.