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Hello All,

I'm working on moving from Dolphin to UNA. On the member profile pages of my Dolphin site I have set a block that displays an RSS feed of the member's (the person whose profile is being viewed) latest posts on another website. On my Dolphin site profile page, for the RSS URL I use: …./user/{NickName}/submitted/.rss as "NickName" is the parameter for the user's user name on the Dolphin profile page  and as long as my Dolphin member has the same user name on the other site that they use on my site, their latest posts from the other site automatically show on their profile page on my Dolphin site. The RSS address automatically replaces the {NickName} in the RSS URL with the username of the profile. This functionality is important for my site so I need to work it out before switching to UNA but I can't seem to find what has replaced  "NickName" on UNA. The user's full name/user name is displayed on the UNA profile page but I don't find which profile related page contains the code that will tell me which parameter to use. I tried "display_name" with no luck so while that seems to be used elsewhere it doesn't seem to be what is used on the profile page.  

Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Even if you don't know the parameter used, if someone can tell me the file(s) that create the profile page on UNA, hopefully, I can figure it out.


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  • Hello Jimmybo!

    On the profile page you may use the construction {profile_id}  and it will be transformed into the actual id of the viewed profile. Or like in the code from the example on the page 


    The end class which builds the "view profile page" is modules/boonex/persons/classes/BxPersonsPageEntry.php

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    • Thank you very much for the assistance LeonidS. 

      So I put a new RSS block on the profile page and entered the RSS URL as …./user/{profile_id}/submitted/.rss  and unfortunately the RSS feed did not display.   

      When I check the URL that is created, it is: .../user/%7Bprofile_id%7D/submitted/.rss 

      So, unfortunately, {profile_id} isn't getting replaced with the profile owner's name. I will focus on that wiki page and keep working on it.

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