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I want to test the UNA. I try to install UNA. but my PHP is 5.4.45 - if i change to  5.5.10.  Anything will happen to my old version boonex.  my boonex 7.3.5 will fine with my php 5.4.45?

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  • Hello Senthur!

    Dolphin will work fine even on PHP 5.6 so you may switch your current version as you planned.

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    • I need some help to setup my file.  I finish installing the UNA.  Now, I want to Migration my photos and Video app to UNA site. How do I do that?  If, I Migration the way you explain in the forum. It's will install all my app and the data into the UNA site? Please explain do I have to install the app first or?

      Thank you,


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      • Hello,

        If you have no any additional modules or changes which require special php version, then you may update php up to 5.5.10 or 5.6 and both UNA and Dolphin should work fine. 

        You may read more details about migration here

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        • 1)  I need a help to install my video. I couldn't upload my videos.  Is there any help page for video installation. Do i have to do any Rms Ray (wher is that) ip for videos. my website is   you have to type index.php or is will got to old website. I have one tested video there. Any one can tell me, what should I do next.

          This is my corn setup. Is this ok    


          * * * * *

          /usr/bin/php -q /home/tamilpoo/public_html/            

          2) Alos, I update to UNA 10.  after that, when i go to main page. It's going to  register page. But, I want to my visitors to go to index page. How do I do that. I want my visitors to take to the index page not a register page. Please help me 

          Thanks again


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          • it really depends on your set up my cron is 

            * * * * * /usr/bin/php -q /home/myzoidva/public_html/periodic/cron.php

            but somthing looks wrong with your command if your periodic folder is within public_html directory then its wrong if you have a folder named that your una files are in then its most likely right when setting up your cron do a server audit it will give you your cron command to do this go to the dashboard section of the studio here are 2 pictures to help with server audit



            Hope This Helps

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            • Hello Senthur !

              1) UNA Video app doesn't require the RMS installation. As you were told above (thank you, MyZoid Vapour !) your current Cron looks at least "not usual". You can check to see when your Cron Job last ran by going into Studio > Dashboard > click the arrow next to Server Tools and click Server Audit. Scroll down until you see  Last cron jobs execution. If the time is far from the current moment then your Cron command couldn't be completed.

              2) Looks like you have the redirect code - did you add something similar recently? If not - then please PM me with the UNA studio access of your site.

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              • Thanks for your help.  I check all.  All my file are under folder.  But still  I don’t know my video files not converting . 

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                • Senthur id contact your hosting provider they will know there set up better than anyone else just explain your problem all hosting companys strive to help where they can because if they dont they will lose there customers to other hosting companys i was with site ground before i got sick of the bad serves then i found fast comet best service i have ever had with any hosting and they had everything i needed was able to manually install una because i had what i needed right outside the box as so to speak

                  P.S. still not had any sleep lol been up for 28 hours straight lol fixing up my website

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                  • oh, my hosting company said they couldnot fix it. They said to me to ask the developers for help.  they couldnt fix my video.  I want to change my hosting company too. They don't have good knowledge about Boonex. Which company do you have?

                    I am still try to fix my video my self.

                    Also, do you know how to do the main page. I don't want the login to come in ndex page .  I want the main page to be visible. Like version 9. Do you know how to do that?

                    Thank you


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                    • Yea i was getting that aswell from site ground to contact the developers for help site ground only had the 1 department dealing with every request then i found fast comet they have top notch service are fast reliable and have 10 dif support departments dealing with there own requests all dif departments have there own skills with fast commet you have what you need to manually install any software script and when you have problems with installation for example aslong as you have the files uploaded to your server they can help with the installation needs i think manual install requires you to do so but they can update other parts of the software if its not working for you

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                      • Hi, I send my username and password by messaging.  I want make sure do get that?

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                        • I didn’t get any message from you.  Are you busy?

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