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I have apps from others. Likes Modzzz, AQB Soft ect.   I payed more than $2000.00.   Do I have to pay again to get same apps for UNA?

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  • Yes, probably. But you need to ask the developer who created the modules.

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    • That’s up to the developer. Mind you that Dolphin 7.4 will be available soon. 

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      • Hey, can you help me run my video, is not working can you tell me what's the problem there. my site

        Thank you


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        • Hello Senthur!

          "Not-working videos" may have the following reasons as wrong permissions to plugins\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe file (should be 755 or 777). But to be sure need to review your error log's messages at the moment of your video upload. BTW you may use the video transcoder

          With the best regards and Happy New Year!

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