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I am looking into UNA and I can see that there is no modules for Photos and Videos (and Music) as it was in Dolphin....

That makes UNA useless......

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  • Not exactly true. The free version allows you to upload photos and videos to the feed. Just not to an album the way we want for free.

    And yeah these do cost money but as a community grows, it shouldn't be much of a financial leap.




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    • Hi Brandon,

      Thank you for your replay.

      We are running Dolphin 7 site for years now and this (Photo, Video, Music and Pools) modules were included in Pro licence. We do not get any money out of our site, our Dolphin site is totally free. I have invested money in Dolphin Pro just because I like it the first time I tried it.

      Now UNA suppose to be the same as Dolphin = same licence apply. But it looks like it is not so. If I have to buy/pay every year for essential modules like Photo and Video.

      What do you think?

      Kind regards


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      • UNA is still a work in progress. Many little details are missing. There was an idea and the project was rushed. It's not the same solid quality as Dolphin. UNA is the second child and you know how people get with the second child... :-)

        If we can make a community similar to Wordpress, where there is hundreds of free quality modules, great documentation, tips & tricks, etc., then the progress of Una would go much faster. UnOfficial open source development. 

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        • Mayki - Actually if you have a Dolphin Pro license, BoonEx will convert it to a Power Plan license for UNA. The Power Apps that comes with that plan do have the photos, videos, etc. that you are looking for. There is no cost to converting a Dolphin Pro license to a UNA license. You just need to send an email to and provide your BoonEx account name, Dolphin License, and they will create you a UNA license. 

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          • Thank you very much Chris!

            I will do that.

            Kind regards


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            • Just like Chris explained, you can get a lifetime UNA Pro with your Dolphin license (and still keep the Dolphin license). Then you can access Photos and Videos apps. 

              Otherwise, the free Albums app is a lot like the Facebook’s version - allowing to mix photo and video content - it usually works well for personal networking, since people tend to mix their media a lot these days. Pure Videos module is good for YouTube style video channels and Photos is a bit like Instagram. 

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              • Hi Andrew!

                Thanks for replay.

                I already sent email to 

                I would like to try those modules since members on our Dolphin site are used to them.

                Thank you.

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