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Hello All,

I'm looking into the forms builder.

Was wondering if there is a way to create a list not by manual entry of every single item, but perhaps by updating a *.CSV file. There are two examples I find relevant:

  1. Say you want to upload a list postal codes for a country, this is something you might get online as a single file, but transposing it manually to the site can be not only time consuming, it lends itself to errors.
  2. Another example, is the categorization of professions & occupations. There are many professions which you might want to distribute in different areas such as Healthcare, engineering, education, services, etc. In this case there are dependencies to observe, so that for example, "nurse" or "doctor" falls under "Healthcare", while "teacher" falls under Education.

Could anyone share ideas on how to streamline the incorporation of large lists or tables into a UNA project?

Many thanks!


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    • You can try to import data directly to database by custom script, or using table import tool in phpMyAdmin:

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      • Found it! Thank you Alex, will look further into it.

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        • Thank you

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          • Hi... also trying to import a data list. i imported the table into phpMyAdmin but how do I connect this to the data list?

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            • Hi - can someone please post a directive for uploading data list and connecting properly?

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