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This was probably mentioned before but I believe it is benificial to alot of websites regardless of the niche. Digital gifting using online currency that can later be cashed out. This module would benifit Dating, Social, Learning,and Media websites. Allowing even the causual members to interact. When members send or recieve gifts or tokens a short animation will pop up and the amount of coins or tokens will increase or decrease in that persons wallet. Members can pay for subscription levels using these tokens. Tokens can be adjusted to real currency by admin same as tokens amounts can be adjusted to gifts etc

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  • Hi Will Roberts I believe that AQB Soft have something similar in the pipeline. Perhaps they can update us...

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    • Hello Will Roberts,

      We are working on Points System and there is delay with its release due to some implementation difficulties. System is almost done and we also plan to add additional plugin for virtual gifts also, we hope to release it during this month.  

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      • AQB Soft, wondering if the Points System to be released is going to be strictly speaking a system based solely on points/numbers, or if badges will be also possible. Badges  can be far more interesting then just points alone, but badges need to be customized to the website's needs/target audience.

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        • Hello!

          Points System includes points levels ability by default. It allows to assign members with reached/earned points Level name with icon and also we will added rewards system which will allow members to exchange points into real or virtual gifts. 

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          • AQB Soft, could we define the number of levels and can we costumize the icons?

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            • Yes, admin will be able to create any number of levels with names, icons, points intervals.

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