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If I understand correctly the 3 main templates currently maintained at UNA although stylistically different Β are functionally similar.Β 

So my question is: by paying 50 to 100 USD/Year for Lucid or Decorous will this only enable accessing different layouts (possibly with more interesting forms of navigation) or are we accessing structurally different templates as well, that can allow site admins increased ability to tweak more aspects of the website?

For example, with Protean, editing the value for the background will, in principle, change the background for all pages, but it could be envisioned that in the Pages App we could define the value for the background for more "special" pages., Tis does not happen in Protean, is it possible in other Templates? Are the restrictions and rules for editing the different blocks and pages exactly the same in any of the templates, or are there differences at this level too?

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    • Templates in UNA can do more than just control the look. For example, Lucid template adds a few extra sub-pages to Homepage, which you can edit via Pages builder. As these templates evolve, they will most likely keep adding such different features specific to each template, but it is important to understand that any extra functionality must be contained to that template - so, for example, it can add new Pages, but it will not affect the way Pages builder works - it will just give it a few extra pages to work with. If, however, the template is to bring some special functionality that's not compatible with any of the builders, it would simply have the new settings in its own settings section.Β 

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      • I still don't understand, why not have just one template which can modified indefinitely. Β 
        It's like word press. You have all those templates, which basically are the same but looks different.
        Why not do something different that everybody else, like protean. Awesome! Enhanced Protean - Godlike!

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        • Too many settings in one template would introduce code bloat that slows down the system performance.Β 

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          • Thanks Andrew. So if I would like to have my homepage displaying a background that is totally different from the background of the rest of the site, is this possible with any of the templates or sites? Especially if I want to have a picture as the background and then have other modules falling on top of it - is this possible with UNA?

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            • Sounds like we would give UNA the ability to have PMS.
              Okay that makes sense. And with this understanding I sort of connect the dots.

              I need to learn how to make modules.
              And I promise. Whatever I create in the future, I will share for free...

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              • Why was the Ocean template not able to be modified?Β 

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                • So far I am concentrated on working with Protean since it seems that Ocean is no longer maintained.Β 

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