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By default, UNA has Privacy engine which allows a member to limit his content's visibility to some group of people (visitors, common members, etc). But sometimes it's needed to block only one or more undesirable members.

The Black Lists app adds this Very important feature to your UNA based site. Your users would be able to block undesirable member(s). Blocked member cannot view a content (posts, polls, ptoducts, etc.) of blocking member.

New in Version 2.0.0:
Now your users would be able to block countries which they don't want to be viewed from. It means that if User1 blocked some country and User2 specified this country in his profile's location (default Location field) then User2 won't be able to see profile and content of User1.

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  • Hello everybody!

    Version 1.1.0 was relesed. Changes log:

    1. Blocked members cannot see blocker's profile.
    2. Settings in Studio -> Black Lists allow to disable Profile and/or Content blocks separately.
    3. Bug fixes.

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    • This module brings a makeup feature in Una, simple and effective, thank you very much for having done so.

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      • You are very welcome and thank you for the review!

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        • How to name your modules for language files?
          for example bx_albums and for black_lists?

          AQB Soft  ?

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          • Hello

            You may find the name of any module which can be used in language app in install/config.php file, name parameter.
            As for Black Lists it's aqb_black_lists

            Best Regards

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          • Everything fine, on 11 RC2. Thanks and greetings from Leipzig, Germany.

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            • Thank you for the review!

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