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The module allows the site's admin to from various sites like .com, CNN, ESPN, etc. simply by providing a link(s) to a and automatically them to your UNA site as if they were uploaded manually like a regular files to the Videos  module. This way you can host all videos directly on your server for any reason you need. For example you may have a watermark modification installed that is applying a watermark to all videos. Or may be you'd like to create a videos site with videos of a certain category making sure the videos are always available to your audience with no ads and be independent of any 3rd party videos hosting.

It provides an ability to choose a category, owner and visibility for videos being downloaded. It is based on a scheduled tasks which means that you can simply provide a large list of links and forget about it. As soon as it'll finish downloading the last video - it will send you a report about the completed job. The module supports a huge number of videos sources, the complete list of which can be found here.

Important Notice: This module works only with Boonex Videos module installed. And can not be used as a standalone module.

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    • help error
      cannot install module from aqb/videos_downloader directory

      I just bought it and went to install it. gave error

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      • The problem was a temporary glitch and has gone away by itself.

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      • my download links remain in queue

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        • all the download links remain in the queue and are never actioned.  what am i doing wrong?

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          • If links are not being processed and you're not getting email reports, then most likely you have problems with your cron job. It is either not set up or doesn't work. Proceed to [studio -> dashboard -> host tools -> server audit] and check the cron jobs section, especially the "Last cron jobs execution" row.

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            • I never saw any instructions to setup a cron job? Where would I have found those?

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              • The cron job supposed to be installed during UNA installation. It is the final step of its installation process right prior to deleting an "install" folder.
                You can learn more by following the links below:

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