stan laurentiu
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Hi guys, every block that has content with a date only shows this date 1 Jan 1970.

Feels like a bug, or did I do something wrong? Please help, thank you!

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  • One of my discussions says "31 Dec 1969 by unknown". It was created by admin, but I forgot what I did to cause it to happen.

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    • Hello stan laurentiu !

      Please specify - did you make any actions before with date field in the "Create post" form? If no, then please provide me access to your UNA Studio and Control Panel via Messenger.

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      • Hello LeonidS , I don't remember doing anything to the date field. What "Create post" form do you reffer to? Because that date shows on any block not just for Posts.

        I will give you the access you need, but I'm at work now. Thank you!

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        Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.

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