• Scroll To Top allows you to quickly go back to the top of any page in Dolphin
  • Once you scroll down enough on a page, the button will appear and you can jump up with nice animation.


  • Tiny and easy to use but it's must have for your site
  • Seamlessly install Scroll To Top module with one click installation.
  • Can customize very detail style of scrolling on the fly


  • Admin can enable/disable this feature without uninstall the module
  • Admin can change all settings:
    • Time to scroll back to top
    • When to show Scroll To Top button when page is scrolled down.
    • Time to fade in / fade out Scroll To Top button
    • Customize placement of Scroll To Top button.
    • Choose a variety of available styles button
  • Admin can customize scrolling on the fly with several options:
    • Size
    • Image
    • Border style
    • Border width
    • Border color
    • Border radius
    • Background color
    • ... want more??? contact us ^^
  • Multi-Language Supported

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