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Just a simple suggestion, can we have a user hover card? Like most other social networks have? I mean, when you hover over another user's username or profile picture a card with some useful details about that user to appear. I think this is very useful for users, they don't have to visit another user's profile just to see some details.

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  • So, I suppose all of your users visit your site on a computer? Mobile users cannot 'hover'.. just a thought.

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    • Hello, a similar module already exists, see here, it's Quick Informer from AQB soft. At flyover, an "i" info appears, if you click on it, a popup opens the profile of the profile, you can choose what you can display, excellent, I can not do without.


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      • Does it work with mobile users?

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        • On mobile it should also work by clicking the avatar or something.

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