Sorry for hijacking your post, Baloo "Your opinions about UNA 10" kinda turned into my problems with the upgrade.

I decided to start my own as I've tried so many different attempts. 

One of my other problems that cropped up was my "Photos Contests" from AQB Soft that crapped out the install making me do a complete restore again, then delete that unupgraded 3rd party module. I've got a few more and I also will remove them from the system before I try to update again.

Looking at this post about Php modes. From Baloo's post. That is where I'm currently at.

The upgrade/beta is so sexy and I want it to work now. I think I now have five backups now.

These are my php modules loaded for this site.



  • I saw you error in the other post regarding an INET_E_REDIRECT_FAILED (too many redirects) and that "usually" can be browser related. Do this happen in all browsers? I went to your site and the homepage did load as a guest but I do not have a login to try for myself. 

    You mentioned having 3rd party modules installed. I am not sure everyone is up to speed on UNA 10 yet. I asked about the Points Module from AQB Soft and they stated they are working on it to be compatible and add a reset button for me. 

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    • I have a feeling the timeline module is what is taking my home page out as it is not displayed on the index until a member signs in.

      I see this now.

      Fatal error:  Unknown action ID: 0
      related code in /home/manofteal/public_html/modules/boonex/timeline/classes/BxTimelineModule.php on line 2509
      in /home/manofteal/public_html/inc/ on line 1396

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      • Hi Michael !

        The trouble with "Unknown action ID: 0" looks like you have some files left as "un-updated". Please specify what apps you have in your UNA site with own permissions actions?

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        • I may have refreshed the page to quick. The timeline worked.

          My problems I think come from AQBSoft modules not updated, along with one called Profile Complete.

          I've reverted back to my working version 9.0.1 and will wait for the working release.

          Another problem that AlexT and I couldn't fix is my "Albums" is broken, it works but will not show in Studio. I'll wait till the rush is over then I will attempt to correct my Albums problems, wait for AQBSoft to update his modules then try again with the production version of 10.0.0.

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          • This should be in bold in this suggestion to change the number of files changed during an upgrade.

            If more than 5% of files are modified then it's better to merge changes manually to avoid problems with the update.

            Another option if more than 5% of files are modified is to overwrite any changes you've made in source code, then you need to change the following line in inc/classes/BxDolInstallerUtils.phpfile:




            Then try to upgrade UNA or modules as usual.

            I'm also sure this didn't help my attempt to go Beta, we must remember this was not forced on us. I've been there done that before with RCs and BETAs.

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            • Michael Newton Did you try chaning the file like suggested to 1.00 and try upgrading again? I had to do the same thing from 9.0 to 9.0.1 and it worked well for me. 10 beta upgrade went fine. What's your site link?

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              • The site is Man Of Teal Gaming Community but I'm going to have to wait. I do get everything to properly upgrade but the index page will not work AT all.

                I've cloned the site as I should have at the start. Now I can tinker and restore all day long. Site is just under 3GB so it doesn't take long.

                I'm now about to set the level a bit higher. It's telling me 7%.

                I removed the Protean template and all my AQBsoft modules. I have about four I think. Anton said they are working on their modules to comply. Seems all this should have been done. 

                This is starting to feel like the update problems and market vendors just like over at Boonex 😟 !

                Vendors should have already done all the updates, even though this is a beta, before the release. 

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                • Jeremy, I'll share the cloned site privately once upgraded and provide a testing account if you're interested.

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                  • Michael - I do not blame you, you're right, it seems that I spoke a little too quickly :-)

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                    • I guess I am somewhat fortunate here since I do not have any 3rd party modules installed at my sites. However, there are still problems with even the default modules as I have posted about already. Especially the issue with Notifications. That can even be seen here at UNA. 

                      From what I am seeing, it does look like that some 3rd party apps are not ready for UNA 10 and causing issues. Beta's really shouldn't be installed on LIVE sites that have custom code, 3rd party apps, etc. 

                      On the other hand, UNA team cannot code their updates based around all 3rd party apps. That would be impossible for them to do. In cases like this, Vendors are left with a choice.. Update your apps to be compatible with UNA 10 and lower versions OR create a separate module specifically for UNA 10 and above. 

                      I will try my best to help anyone with their site upgrades but, when it comes to sites that have 3rd party apps, there is not much I can do. 

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                      • I think I've found my issue, looks to be timeline related. This is the homepage of my cloned site. and you can see this is what I see. Guest will get more errors to read. If anyone has some ideas let me know.

                        I know they added reactions and I see some something about it as a guest viewing the site.

                        All other pages as I can tell are working except profiles, which have the timeline on them.


                then use the menu. or check this link

                        The forums got the upgrade and I'm checking more, I also now have a problem getting the Protean template to install, it shows popup error.

                        Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to a member function addMarkers() on boolean in /home/mot/public_html/modules/base/text/classes/BxBaseModTextUploaderHTML5Attach.php:27 Stack trace: #0 /home/mot/public_html/modules/boonex/timeline/classes/BxTimelineUploaderHTML5Attach.php(18): BxBaseModTextUploaderHTML5Attach->__construct(Array, 'bx_timeline_pho...', 'Zc4N9atC', Object(BxDolModuleProxy)) #1 /home/mot/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolUploader.php(151): BxTimelineUploaderHTML5Attach->__construct(Array, 'bx_timeline_pho...', 'Zc4N9atC', Object(BxDolModuleProxy)) #2 /home/mot/public_html/template/scripts/BxBaseFormView.php(1024): BxDolUploader::getObjectInstance('bx_timeline_htm...', 'bx_timeline_pho...', 'Zc4N9atC', Object(BxDolModuleProxy)) #3 /home/mot/public_html/template/scripts/BxBaseFormView.php(598): BxBaseFormView->genInputFiles(Array, '', '<div class="bx-...') #4 /home/mot/public_html/template/scripts/BxBaseFormView.php(318): BxBaseFormView->genRowCustom(Array, 'genInputFiles') #5 /home/mot/public_html/template/scripts in /home/mot/public_html/modules/base/text/classes/BxBaseModTextUploaderHTML5Attach.php on line 27
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                        • Turning the timeline module off corrects the entire site. If I have to remove the time line four years will be lost. I hope someone can spot the problem.

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                          • Ok. Sounds great.

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                            • Just out of curiosity...why not try upgrading the site and then grab the timeline module files from githubfor 10 and manually upload them to your site and see if that corrects the problem.

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                              • Removed the timeline module reinstalled, and still same problem.

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                                • The github versions are 10.0.0-DEV

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                                  • I'm just giving up for now. Even on this site, things are not looking good.spacer.gif


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                                    • Could still try it. What would it hurt after all this time.

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                                      • That looks like a browser issue since that is 

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                                        • I guess so. Still not going any further. I can wait.

                                          I found out what was taking out my index page.

                                          I added the block "login with sign up link" to my site long ago. Normally that block will not show after login. After a long process of removing each block, as soon as that one was turned off the home page shows while logged into the site.

                                          Looking further at the login block I noticed "visible for" it is set to "anyone" changing it to just a guest or non-members fixed the home page.


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                                          • Awesome! Great job

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                                            • Alex T⚜️ this is a bug.

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                                              Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.