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Keep it real!

Videos discussing common questions and challenges that we face, and how we make decisions based on a simple principle - keeping it real.  What looks good "on-paper" may not be the same as what works best in real-life situations. Through our experience of building social networking software for over 17 years, we've learned a lot about "the big questions". In this series, I talk about these in details, in a causal manner, while driving around and doing daily chores. Keeping it real.  #keepitreal
Native App vs Responsive Web AppMIT vs GPL, BSD and Custom licensesScale Anxiety. Worrying about scale before launching your community.Hidden costs of custom modifications.

Quick tests, examples and greetings.

This album is for short videos or fill-in images used as examples elsewhere. 
Example for video inserting


Various #tutorials, mostly #video, all for UNA. 
Changing UNA texts in PolyglotEditing data items in Forms (i.e. changing categories)Site deployment and initial setup on UNA Cloud

Random Musings

Sharing everything we do, plan and think. In a not-too-formal way. 
Saying Hi and showing our faces.
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Native App vs Responsive Web App
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