Comment to 'Move number of profile option in persons and org'
  • This setting can't be moved to profile modules, then it will work different way.

    But I think you can achieve what you want using existing functionality:

    1) Studio > Permissions > Unconfirmed & Pending & Standard & Premium & any custom memberships > turn off "Delete Person's Profile" and "Create Person's Profile" for all these memberships

    2) Studio > Permissions > Account > disable "Delete Person's Profile"

    3) Studio > Permissions > Account > set "Number of allowed actions" to 1 for "Create Person's Profile" action.

    Because first profile is created under account profile, so you need to set this limit for Account membership, all future profiles are created under different profiles and it doesn't make much sense to set this limit there. Also actually after profile is created user can't switch back to Account profile, so setting "Number of allowed actions" to 1 for account profile shouldn't be very necessary.

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    • I understand, thanks for this VERY detailed Alex explanation, I will test this.

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