Comment to 'Demo Websites Built with UNA platform'
  • One of my suggestions -----Can make more users like to use UNA


    Please add demo content to the UNA platform!

    Demo content importing is not necessary to run UNA, but for faster site development and familiarization with UNA the boonex should recommend user to import demo content because it shows user all pages layouts, shortcodes and other post types which the user received with UNA.


    I have to totally agree with you.  Demo data is absolutely imperative to get a new user on board.  If I had hundreds of hours to play with this, then eventually I would figure it out, but unfortunately, I don't.  The sample data, as in any other software platform made in the past twenty years have, provides the end-user a quick and self-explanatory way of knowing how everything works.  I was wanting to have at least three different sites set up running UNA, but my hopes and dreams are dematerializing about as fast as our liberties here in the United States.

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