Comment to 'Hashtag in post'
Comment to Hashtag in post
  • Hello Alex T⚜️ Use operator LIKE for search is checked, In this regard I forgot to report this problem, if I unchecked I have a Database error, attached the report.

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    • Hi Baloo ! 

      But the query with 2 fields only MATCH(`bx_forum_discussions`.`title`, `bx_forum_discussions`.`text`) returns the error? Then please specify what changes you made with the text comments field. As fulltext works with the set number of fields we need to find a way how the text_comments field was excluded.

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      • Hello Leonid,

        ELECT * FROM `bx_forum_discussions` WHERE 1 AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`status` ='active' AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`status_admin` ='active' AND `bx_forum_discussions`.`allow_view_to` IN(3,4) AND  MATCH(`bx_forum_discussions`.`title`, `bx_forum_discussions`.`text`) AGAINST ('rencontres')  LIMIT 0, 9 indeed returns an error.

        I do not remember making a change to this field otherwise maybe the full editor. I do not know what position he is at the installation. But he's the same as here.

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        • It's bug in default version:

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