Comment to 'HEAT'
Comment to HEAT
  • Very good points, Baloo. Giving time estimates for updates is hard. We share what we try for and yes, we meant to be releasing around this time, but actual production sites pushed us back - that’s something we can’t postpone. I do believe that we are coming out of this bittleneck though. A lot of chnages had to be done simply because basics were not in place. April was in fact very hot - so much so that we could even post about anything. Now we can really spend more time on improvements. 

    Well, all I can say is that we will try to release the update as soon as possible. Initially as betas, but you’d be able to use them as they’ll be upgradable. 

    As for spam - yes, recaptcha stops this one, but we are also looking into improving bulk delete with content. It needs optimisation.  We didn’t use recaptcha here for a while to simplify signup. 

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    • Andrew Boon, in regard to the recaptcha on the join form, is it more effective to use AQB Soft's Photo Captcha app or is Google recaptcha more secure? My members are telling that they hate the recaptcha and they were frustrated when signing up.

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      • Try AQB Soft one. It may well be just as effective for spam control. We haven’t tried it it. 

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        • Genesis - there are various levels of recaptcha - the highest level is rather time consuming and should probably only be necessary in situations requiring highest security, the simplest version is just a tick box.

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