Comment to 'HEAT'
Comment to HEAT
  • Andrew, you know me well enough to know that I'm reporting everything and right away. So, it's done and for a long time. This is precisely the problem. In the specific case of messenger, I did more than just report, I harassed. Imagine that you have a phone and you can not hang up. You contact the support of your provider, and he tells you for months that the problem will be fixed in a few days. I'm sure you will not understand this, and this situation will make you want to catapult your device to 6 km. You take the other device (conversation) and there is the opposite, your interviewer hangs up, you do not know anything and you continue to talk on your own. In this case, I understand that it's more complicated to set, but in the case of messenger, the only explanation I imagine is that you do not realize that the two devices are broken and that it poses a big problem. problem to the one who uses it, on a site entirely based the principle of communication. If you had understood, I suppose you would have at least repaired immediately one of the two devices in emergency, especially when it's just a soldering wire. Am I wrong somewhere here?

    I understand why you do not use reCaptcha, it's true that it could discourage some impatient to the inscription, it is sometimes capricious, but at the same time, uh ... I do not think it's this step that you risk losing the most impatient ... it's after ...

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