Comment to 'HEAT'
Comment to HEAT
  • I definitely agree with Baloo on his statement regarding release dates. I also understand that things come up that pushes the proposed date out further. But we as Webmasters use these release dates to communicate with our users that 'we' will be addressing the issue or enhancement soon based upon what we are being told here. 

    An example would be, my users were asking for a way to 'streamline' the site to make it more accessible to all features and interact with other members all in a single area. I first saw the preview for React Jot back in November of 2018 and got very excited that this could be exactly what they want. The talk about releasing it was in mid/late December 2018. I unfortunately told my members back in December of 2018 that an update was coming soon to address what they were asking for. Fast forward 5 months to May 2019.. React Jot has still not been released and may be even later after the release of UNA 9.1. 

    Most all activity has stopped on my site and some have not even signed in recently. I am not blaming anyone for this and I know everyone is working hard but, I sure wished that React Jot would have been released by now. My plan was to draw my members back and even market it for new members however now, I will continue to wait and hope for the best. 

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