Comment to 'HEAT'
Comment to HEAT
  • In fact we always come back to the same problem, the older ones have already experienced a situation a little blocked like this one. I remind you that the cork jumped with a succession of small updates.

    I already said at the time, it would be better to take a series of small steps, rather than big jump from time to time. It would be good to split the updates concerning the bugs / security and those concerning the novelties and improvements. Look, this way of mixing everything will force me to wait for 1,2,3 beta to fix bugs known for a long time and concerning the previous version. In addition, larger updates = greater risk of new bugs so more work and time wasted. Watching Linux, always functional, is the priority, fortunately for the entire Web, every day or almost I have updates, not twice a year.

    The problem very well explained by Chris, you will agree, it is a reasonable person, is not easy when we talk about new features, but when we talk about bug, it is a real invitation to desert our sites. This is the biggest criticism that I have to send you, the rest, we do with ... or without ... but we do it anyway.

    Hey guys, for that reason, do not try to burden 9.1.0 again and again, otherwise we will not have it before 2048. The sooner you finish 9.1.0 the sooner we will have 10 or the next version, I I'm sure there will be other intermediate steps, and that would be fine.

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