Comment to 'HEAT'
Comment to HEAT
  • There are many factors that may come into play - the number of members and content items does matter, but not as much as current load, which is a combination of how many users are online simultaneously and what they're doing. Say, if your site is centred around feeds, the load would be higher than if it was focused on Discussions only. Or, say, community doing multiple video uploads with transcoding is very different from a site that is mostly focused on blogs/embeds/comments.

    So, if we average those factors, I'd say that yes, you may conceivably have about 1000 online users with a good dedicated or cloud server, without going into, say, separating database and web server into separate boxes or clusters. Once you grow beyond that, separation would help you scale further. 

    1000 online members may happen on the back of as little as 20,000 registered members when the site is young and popular/viral. 

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    • We have experience with a few sites running 500-1200 online members. Some adjustments were needed and have been added to UNA 10 to improve performance, but nothing in the architecture prevents UNA from handling larger loads. 

      I’m trying to only rely on actual experience, but as soon as we have sites with millions of members to work with, we will adapt the system. It’s not so much a matter of current capability, but a matter of core architecture and readiness to improve. 

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      • OK let's take this offline so no one sees his bad your service is and how ineffective a leader you are. Stay tuned everyone I'll post the outcome here anyway.

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        • If it is a server issue, I offer both VPS and Dedicated servers and I can transfer your site from UNA servers to my servers for free.  If this is an UNA issue, I have worked with UNA but I am not as versed in UNA as I am in Dolphin.

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