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  • Got it Alexey Thanks!! - On the original post by Baloo , he said "I love the new messenger capabilities" - Can you or him advise what these new capabilities are? 

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    • please what are the new features on the messenger?

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      • 1. The presentation of the connection status has been reviewed, it is now visually standardized AND synchronized with the site. We can sell his glasses ;-)
        2. You are now notified if your last message has been read.
        3. You can now edit your last message with the up arrow key.
        4. The conversation files are now accessible in a dedicated drawer. (see new option 'i' => files)
        5. Auto-saved messages: When you start typing a message, you can now switch windows and come back to it, your message will still be there, even if you have not sent it yet.
        6. New sound, good idea, it is better distinguished from other messengers.

        They are the main things I saw.

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        • 7. History-tracking, so that if users go to different talks and then click "back" button in browser they go back to previous talk, and not to previous browser page, which would usually kick them out of the Messenger (because it's a single-page-app with same URL for all states).

          8. Inline playback for Audio attachments.

          9. Fixes and improvements, especially in message editing and message action menu

          10. Switched to FontAwesome for icons to be consistent with the rest of the site.

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