Comment to 'What do you use UNA for?'
  • I'm a month late on this thread but I've only been here 2 days!  I'm using UNA to build and operate a family history community site where family history "nuts" can come and talk about it endlessly and share knowledge and ideas.  I want to offer short "How To" videos, run a podcast and a blog.  The feature I'm most excited about building is realtime shared research sessions - probably one to one.  For example, if a member is paying me to do the research for them, I would show them how I'm doing it - so they can experience the thrill of the research rather than just the results,

    Yes I could talk all day about it 😀.  I'm really excited to have found UNA and to be able to throw away my Wordpress effort that got me less in a month than I managed with UNA in 48 hours.  The integration of the various modules has allowed me to focus on content rather than making a site that works.

    I feel a lot more fun and development to come.

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