Comment to 'Protean Timeline issues after upgrade - RESOLVED'
  • Hi Micheal, hey Chris. Thanks for weighing in today.

    I'm on the 10.0.0 version of Protean. It's a module that has been updated many times, btw.

    Things are a little more complicated than it appears - thanks to my "simple" Timeline customization from early 2018. 

    But first note that others do not seem to be having a similar problem... Hmmm.

    More than a year ago, with regard to the Timeline in Protean, some entries put the Title first - others put an image first. Others even put the description before the Title. See the attachment below from 2018. This was driving me absolutely nuts! So, I did change just a little of the html. It may have been fixed in later versions. But it did not break for me until Una 10.

    I would rather just leave things alone and go back to all original than go through these problems. I want to get back to where things can be updated, regardless...


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