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  • Hi Mark, your phrase: "...the enormity of what UNA actually is" commands our attention. It may be the understatement of the year. Haha.

    Most never realize that when they open a pixel-perfect, super clean UNA web page that there are over a million lines of code behind it. Every hand-coded line is virtually error-free and and connected to every other line, where necessary. And if there had been a misplaced period, semi-colin, or character space - things would have gone wrong.

    UNA obviously has a great vision and great programmers to execute the plan. Hi Andrew. Hi Alex. The customer service has been fabulous, too. I am referring to Leonid and Anton. Not to forget Alexy and many other kind souls, too numerous to mention. Hi Chris. Hi Baloo...

    OK, I hope I don't sound like an advertisement because God knows we are sick enough of them - which makes UNA look even better. Our own site has no adverts and people really appreciate it. Of course, this is not always possible.

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    Years ago, we knew that the Internet had the power to democratize the world of ideas. Instead, powerful forces came in to derail things and to seize control. Here in the USA, for example, about 6 big companies control 90% of the news. 2 companies control about 90% of all internet advertising.

    UNA represents something far greater than another CMS system. It truly returns the power to the people. The voice of a community - not greedy corporations which only care about advertising dollars.

    David Anderson

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    UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities