Comment to 'Geo-location Feature Request'
  • Jeremy - I eventually got google maps working on mine, but it was a royal PITA. the PITA was caused by how difficult googles pages are to navigate...  not una, however.     you have to perform domain verification inside the "thingy."  see image 1   click the three bars on the upper left of the blue menu, then API's and Library, its in that dropdown.     you have to enable a good number of maps API's.   Alex T⚜️ posted a nice thread about this a few weeks ago. but i dont have the link. there were a few other steps too, like set the http referrers, or some other such things, i dont recall now but i followed alex's guide and the whole process took me about an hour and a half.. you will also have to clear your cache for your una site after you do all that tweaking, and close your browser, and nuke your cookies, then log back in for testing it out....

    I personally enabled all 28 maps api's, just for the hell of it, and because I got tired of guessing.   mine works on my site, but i hate google products, so i'd love to use the newer module that @james is talking about, as long as it works with open street maps, out of the box, otherwise I will wait till the module matures...


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